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5 cats were born: one, two, three, four and five. Name of one of them is Barsik. Cats grew up a bit and started showing their behavior. Each has chosen a favorite toy and place for rest (one is always sleeping under a bed). Besides, each cat can be determined by sound it produces (except one, which is silent under any circumstance). Try to determine their preferences.

  • A cat sleeping in a closet doesn't howl and doesn't play with slippers.
  • Cat, that likes to sleep on a window-sill and meows is neither Murzik nor Pushok.
  • Cat, that cheeps, likes to play with socks.
  • Neither Ryzhik (sleeping in a chair) nor Pushok play with gloves.
  • Murzik (that doesn't "murmur") likes forfeits.
  • Neither Basil nor Pushok sleep in a kitchen, in contrast to a cat, that plays with a ball.

Barsik Basil Murzik Pushok Ryzhik
Favorite toy
Favorite place
Favorite sound

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