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Young entomologists

In one day of a summer camp, young entomologists were given a study to learn various spider webs in a forest glade. Students found five different kinds of spiders: black, white, red, green and brown. they counder a number of threads, that their web consists of (48, 54, 66, 72 и 82), measured a web size (6, 8, 10, 11 и 13 centimeters), and, when spiders went away to make new webs, guys even checked what weight each web can hold (6.8, 7.5, 8.6, 9.1 и 10.7 grams). They split all work to four students, each of them prepared own report. The only thing left is to merge them into one table. Good luck !

  • First report: Web of green spider holds 6.8g. 82-threads web is neither biggest nor smallest. Brown spider's web has 6 threads more, that red spider's web. Black spider web is stronger, than white spider's web, but weaker, than web of a brown spider.
  • Second report: Web with size of 13cm is weaker, than web of black spider, which, in it's turn, is weaker than 54-threads web. Web of 8cm doesn't have 72 threads. Size of white spider's web is bigger, than black spider's web, but smaller, than white spider's web. Web, that holds 9.1g, doesn't contain 54 threads.
  • Third report: Web, that holds weight of 10.7g is bigger, than web, that holds 9.1g, but smaller, than web, holding 8.6g. Difference between sizes of black and white spiders is 1 or 2cm. Web of green spider contains more threads, than red's web, but less, than web with size of 10cm.
  • Fourth report: Difference between number of threads of black and white spiders not more, than 10. Size of web, than consists of 82 threads is more, than size of web, holding 9.1g, but less, that red spider's web. Web with size of 10cm is stronger, than web with 48 threads. Web with size of 11cm has more threads, than web, holding 10.7g.

Black White Red Green Brown
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