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After the restaurant

After the party Gene, Yuri, Victor and Andrey went to their homes. They live on different streets - T.St, R.St, P.St and G.St. These streets are located via different distance from the restaurant, where the party was, and the time also varied for each friend to get home: 15 min, 20 min, half-hour and a hour.

  • 30 min are needed to get to R.St;
  • Andrey's home was the farthest, but this wasn't R.St;
  • Yuri got home faster than Gene and Victor, as he lives on P.St;
  • Victor doesn't live on T.St, and he got home faster than Gene
Where do they live and how much time did it take for each of them to get home?

Andrey Victor Gene Yuri

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This riddle was taken from the "500 scanwords" book.