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One evening among visitors it has appeared five officers: the infantryman, the gunner, the pilot, the signalman and the sapper. One of them was the captain, three - majors and one - the lieutenant colonel. Also it is known, that:

  • Yan has the same rank as the sapper and one more officer who serves in other arm of the service
  • The signalman and Fer are close friends
  • One of these days the officer-pilot together with Bel and Lay visited someone
  • Recently gunner's radio-receiver stopped working and he asked Lay to help to the signalman to eliminate this malfunction
  • Fer almost became a pilot, but then according to the sapper's advice chose another type of forces
  • Yan's rank is higher than Lay's, while Bel's rank is higher than Fer's
  • The fifth officer, Andy, was recently visiting Lay.
Try to figure out the name of each officer, his rank and type of force in which he serves.

Infantryman Gunner Pilot Signalman Sapper

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