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Snow White and 7 Dwarfs

After Snow White discovered a tiny cottage in the forest, belonging to seven dwarfs, she got a lot of work to do: she cooks favorite dish for each dwarf, while dwarfs help her on a daily basis. Each dwarf has own place at the dinner table. They all have unique favorite drinks, plates with favorite flowers, colored dress and shoes. Also, each of them takes care of a pet.

  • Dwarfs take all sides of a table, which has a rectangle shape.
  • Kiko sits opposite to Snow White. This is a name of dwarf, that takes care of a hedgehod. Kiko serves on Saturdays.
  • Tiko wears a green hat with sandals and takes care of a bird.
  • Dwarf Toto sits to the right from Snow White, his cacao cup has a rose on it.
  • One of the Koko's neighbours drinks water and doesn't have a parrot.
  • Poppyseed pie lover, who drinks tea in the morning, sits opposite to dwarf in a white jacket.
  • Dwarf in brown pants has an orchid on his plate на своих тарелках, while dwarf with lily on his plate helps Snow White on Tuesdays and doesn't like pancakes.
  • Tato sits opposite to Koto, he has fish.
  • Dwarf in a yellow shirt likes coke, while dwarf, who likes coffee with milk wears slippers.
  • Koko's favorite flower is a tulip, Kito's - a daisy.
  • Tato server on Wednesdays, while dwarf in high shoes serves on Thursdays.
  • Koto doesn't pet fish, while dwarf, who drinks black coffee takes care of goldfish and doesn't sit on the same side with Toto.
  • Kiko sits in the middle. Tiko sits next to Tato, he doesn't like neither milk nor coffee.
  • Dwarf in wallabies takes care of neon fish, while someone, who wears slippers, serves on Mondays.
  • A canary lives at dwarf's, who likes pancakes.
  • Dwarf in a black cap likes golubets, he doesn't serve on Saturdays.
  • Dwarf in wicker shoes has a poppy on his plate, while dwarf with a cyclamen takes care of a bird and doesn't like jelly meat.
  • Dwarf in a blue trousers serves on Fridays, while dwarf, who likes a fish soup has an aquarium and serves on Sundays.
  • Dwarf, who likes a goulash, has a cat, while dog's owner likes steak and doesn't drink cacao.
  • Dwarf, who likes milk, sits in the middle. Kito's neighbour doesn't wear low shoes, while Tiko's neighbour doesn't wear brown pants.
  • Toto wears a red shirt, he doesn't pet neither birds or fish.
  • Dwarf with a longest beard wears boots.

What is the name of dwarf with a longest beard ? In order to check it you have to fill out all fields. Place number starts counter-clockwise from Snow White (i.e. 1 and 7 sit next to her).

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