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In a town

5 persons live in the same town. Their first names are: Leonid, Vladimir, Nicholas, Oleg and Peter, last names are: Stepanov, Borisov, Kozin, Drozdov and Istomin.

  • Borisov knows only 2 other persons, while Kozin knows only one.
  • Peter knows all of them, except one.
  • Nicholas and Istomin met in their childhood.
  • Vladimir, Nicholas and Oleg know each other.
  • Drozdov and Vladimir never met.
  • Oleg, Nicholas and Borisov often go out to cinema together.
Find out first and last name for every person.

Leonid Vladimir Nicholas Oleg Peter
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Exercise #54 from "Math. Additional topics." book for 5th grade (2001). Author - Smekalova.E.V.