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Articles - How to fix a problem with Pantum P2502W printer

Publication date: 12/10/15

I bought a cheap Pantum P2502W wireless laser printer, which was working for some time, but then suddenly stopped. It turned out, that it was no longer responding on ARP requests through the wireless network. Power-cycling the printer helps to resolve the problem only for a short period of time (I guess, it sends ARP response on startup and works, while it is in the ARP cache on the client computers).

The solution was simple, is to add static ARP entry to each of my home computers. All you need to know is the configured IP address of the printer (in my case and it's MAC address (mine was AC-A2-13-3D-AA-96) and run one of the following commands. Additionally, on Windows 7+ OS you need to obtain a name of the network interface via "ipconfig /all" command (mine was called "Local Area Connection 3").

Windows XP (run it as Administrator):
C:> arp -s AC-A2-13-3D-AA-96
Windows 7 and further (run it as Administrator):
C:> netsh interface ip add neighbors "Local Area Connection 3" AC-A2-13-3D-AA-96
Linux (run it as root):
# arp -s AC:A2:13:3D:AA:96
Hope, this helps someone else with a similar problem.